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Bliss Hookah Lounge and Bar FAQ in Orlando and Kissimmee

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Bliss Hookah Lounge and Bar FAQ in Kissimmee PLEASE READ THIS SECTION, chances are likely the answer to your question can be found here   

  1. What are your phone hours?  We answer our phone between the hours of 6pm – 3am Monday – Thursday and 6pm – 5am Friday and Saturday and 6pm – 3am on Sunday. That’s our lounge open hours.   
  2. Would a club membership be required before I can attend your parties? NEVER, you are not required to purchase a membership as a prerequisite before attending our parties, you may attend as a guest (Couple or Female), but you are required to call (321) 337-1460 and RSVP for the party table you plan to attend. Party dates are always listed within our online. You can walk in anytime during open hours but for table reservation please call (321) 337-1460 during lounge open hours as listed above.   
  3. How do we become members? Please call (321) 337-1460 and talk the manager   
  4. We/I have attended Bliss Café and Lounge party in the past, do we/I have to call and RSVP for each party? No, you are only required to call and reserve if you need a private table for party you plan to attend; If you've been to our lounge party before, you have the option to call (321) 337-1460 or text us or reserve on line on our website front page, just make sure you include the names of everyone attending.  
  5.  What is the dress code? No Athletic wear, otherwise we'd suggest sexy casual dress attire 
  6. What is the minimum age to enter your lounge? You have to be 18 and above with proper ID  

If you have more question please call us about Bliss Hookah Lounge and Bar FAQ in Orlando

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